Latesummer Rejectomancy

Another day, another form rejection.

It’s easy to get dispirited as a fledgeling writer and given that I’ve not got the most robust mental health at the best of times, I feel such things keenly.

However, two thoughts have really helped me to keep my head up in recent months.

First of all, a little perspective.  For all that I’ve been writing my whole life, much of it is either self indulgent and potentially unnecessary worldbuilding for novels that may never be written and much of the rest is journalistic/blogosphere stuff.

I only started concentrating on my creative writing about two years ago and I only started doing so in an effective way – not throwing second drafts up on my blog for example – about six or seven months go.

That’s no time at all and I’m in this for the long game.

I made my first submission to a market on 7th February.  I’ve since submitted three other stories to various markets and between them I have accrued fourteen rejections, one of which made it as far as ‘further consideration’ before bouncing back to me.

This means I am currently a level three Rejectomancer.

I’ve found the concept of rejectomancy to be very helpful. The gamifying of rejection helps to salve the burn and reminds me that maybe I just need to level up a bit before I can handle the next dungeon.

I’m still in the early stages of this. Still working on how to manage my writing time, refine my style, find time to read more, improve my standards.

I need to keep that in mind and be kind to myself, not least because the version of me that spends energy on self-flagellation is not the version of me most likely to write well and/or prolifically.

My friends at my writers circle have also been an invaluable help in their criticism and advise but also in their support, humour and enthusiasm.  I’d not have made it this far without them.

While many of the same development points keep coming back to me from crit – which is good because I know what I need to work on – there is also a degree of consistency in what people find good about my stories.

This ties in neatly with my biggest backlog of work – the world building for the three novel series that I had vaingloriously planned out and never managed to actually write.  

I’m conscious that I ask for support on Patreon but don’t currently offer any perks (as I’m trying to keep sellable stories for submitting to markets) so starting from September, I’ll be posting a piece of that world building every month just for my Patreon backers. Expect in-universe tourist guides, histories and little stories exploring world I’ve held mostly in my head for too long.

With that commitment laid down and some edits to be getting on with, I should be writing.

Stay kind,


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