Mayflowers & Lost in Dark Waters

Dear readers,

I’ve not been especially productive this month, largely due to a bit of a mental health slump. However, I did write a poem (included at the foot of this blog, in both fancy graphic and plain text version) prompted by the death of Frightened Rabbit singer Scott Hutchison, the anniversary of Chris Cornell’s passing and drawing on my own experience of depression.

I have had some positive news regarding a submission in recent days and seem to be back on track with writing new things, so that’s all steps in the right direction.  Current projects in the works include something about a dragon, something about Vikings and something about the perils of space travel. Not all in the same story… but that’s not an awful idea.

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Much love,


Lost in Dark Waters

I have been lost in dark waters
and found safe harbour
in a timely dawn,
the light of a beacon
or a faithful pilot.

Lament for those lost in dark waters,
for whom the dawn did not break,
the beacon was not lit,
or the pilot did not appear in time.

I have been lost in dark waters,
and will be again.
let us build beacons,
be pilots,
and steer the lost safely to harbour.

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The Wheel Turns – A Poem for Yule & Solstice

The wheel turns,
so draw close your people
and feast on the last of the perishable foods
for we won’t all make it through the dark.

The wheel turns,
so raise a glass to those who’ve passed
and cherish the memories of the times you shared
for you miss them sharply in these short days and long nights.

The wheel turns,
so look forwards and choose,
will you be the grease in the gear, the grist ground beneath,
or the rock that shifts all into a better path?