Void & Spark


First there was boundless nothingness, without texture or time. Then there was the Spark, bright and chaotic, shining light upon the featureless Void.

That change caused the Void to become aware of itself and the Void hated. It hated the Spark for disrupting the peaceful uniformity which had reigned for a timeless eternity.

So the Void made war against the Spark, gathering its energies and pressing its darkness against the Sparks light in an attempt to quench that illuminating brightness.

The Spark fought back but was compressed to a point impossibly small and the Void felt victory was close. The Spark, nearly extinguished put forth its compressed energy and exploded, ripping itself and the Void asunder and spreading their mingled essence throughout an ever expanding infinity.

The Void, ever the greater, pushes the motes of Spark apart while the motes call to each other across impossible distances but neither is pure. All matter and spirit are commingled of both Void and Spark and as such, conflict reigns across the stars and within individual beings.

So began the long war, as the essence of Void & Spark contend at every level of existence with their endless conflict between darkness and light, order and change, entropy and creation.

This is the beginning and truth of all stories.